Custom Ligand Development

Need Something Different?

custom ligand developmentCellAura offers a contract fluorescent reagent development and validation service. We can design, synthesize and provide a full pharmacological characterisation of the product you require.

A typical custom reagent development programme comprises synthesis of a 'first round' reagent mini library using a pharmacologically defined 'warhead' and a fluorescent label, joined with a selection of linker chemistries.

Following pharmacological evaluation of the 'first round' mini library (either by CellAura using cell-based binding assays or by the customer using in-house assays), an active reagent is further optimised in a 'second round' mini-library to suit the customer's application.

After selection of the final product from the 'second round' mini-library, a specified quantity is provided to the customer. Further quantities of the product may be ordered as required.

Through our unique approach to chemical synthesis, CellAura has developed a number of bespoke fluorescent GPCR ligands to meet customer requirements for use with a range of fluorescence imaging / drug screening / pharmacological techniques.

Custom Reagent Development

  • Your receptor, your 'warhead', and a fluorophore to suit your assay
  • We apply our pharmacophore, fluorophore and linker chemistry expertise to build candidate fluorescent reagents
  • Candidate reagents are tested for activity in your assay
  • Selected reagent(s) can be optimised to improve activity
  • We supply you with a validated fluorescent reagent - that works

If you have a specific reagent that you need fluorescently labelled for your assay, please contact us to see if we can develop it for you. Get in touch.